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Hi, I’m



I’m an award–winning author, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor, coach, performer, and divine femme energy healer. I’ve worked for twenty five years helping thousands of people around the country build their confidence and unlock their potential through the strengthening their voices and connecting to their bodies. In my transformational coaching, I combine my expertise in vocal training with ThetaHealing, sound healing, and daily rituals & practices that align deeply with the divine feminine. I teach a holistic approach to leading from a place of deep self-love.

Are you new to the term divine feminine? I was blown away when I learned about it! It was the understanding I had been looking for after years and years of over-working to achieve my career goals. Focused intensely on my career, I developed health issues one after another: a lung infection, issues swallowing, frozen shoulder, painful ovarian cysts, candida, depression, anxiety, debilitating panic attacks, and adrenal fatigue.  At one point it was so bad that I lost my ability to speak and needed to rehabilitate my voice – which took three years to relearn healthy phonation.  My body was trying to tell me all along that I was out of balance in my intense effort to succeed, I was leaning so heavily on my divine masculine energy of go, do, achieve, produce, constantly needing to be busy.

Divine feminine and divine masculine cannot exist without the other, both qualities exist in all people regardless of gender . We all possess these qualities in varying degrees. The divine feminine work is most importantly a dedication to coming into balance and honoring the traits of both. The energy of the feminine embodies the nurturer, the healer, the compassionate peacemaker, while the masculine energy is focused on doing and achieving. Some of my favorite divine feminine traits include: intuitive, heart-centered, wise, collaborative, reflective, sensual, gentle, and kind. I witnessed incredible benefits in my life once I was able to develop more balance and lovingly honor both energies as vital to my success in life and business!

I work with extraordinary women who are looking to positively influence the world. I am passionate about creating illuminating, transformative journeys for my clients that ignite their power, multiply their pleasure, and impact the world through sharing their work and message. These transformative journeys are healing, restorative, soulful, and meaningful.

I stand for the power of every woman’s voice.

I stand for all women to be seen and heard speaking their truth from a place of love in order to heal their relationships.

I stand for people singing praises for one another and for putting an end to the mistreatment and judgement of others — but most importantly, of ourselves.

The more RESONANT DIVINE FEMININE VOICES we have leading the way, the more beautiful the future will be for our children and grandchildren.

This is our new legacy, to lead with love and light.

I know that sharing my authentic voice and soul is my highest contribution to the world.
I hold this to be a sacred truth for my clients too.

Own your voice and use it as a divine vehicle for change.

Claim your authentic essence – your soul’s voice.
Trust it.

No longer will your voice be stifled.

Resonance begins here.

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We are a heart-centered match if you are ready to:

Fully own your voice and lead with love and femme power.

Give yourself permission to listen to your heart, open and explore your voice and body, and amplify your vision.

Commit to the deep work it takes to come into resonance in order to speak, live, and lead from a deep place of love.

I invite you to STOPquestioning if your voice matters
and STARTbelieving and knowing it does.

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