Enlightenment, Prayer, & Ritual Sessions

Let Energy Healing Restore Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Divine Feminine represents certain values that human beings have long cherished. In our human nature we possess both feminine and masculine energies, over time we have come to rely more heavily on and honor primarily masculine aspects, this causes an imbalance within our body. The Divine Feminine is connected to the sacred, honoring the body, nature, and the cycles of creation and transformation.

The energies of the Divine Feminine are awakening in our world, and many people are beginning to wake up to these exquisite qualities and offering these gifts to the world.

This sacred feminine consciousness teaches us the more refined arts of sexual love, and reveals the healing and wholeness that await us as we come back into balance to reclaim our passion and inner power. Through learning about the Divine Feminine Archetypes and Goddesses we are able to observe the degree to which we are either honoring that aspect of ourselves or closing it off, the light and shadow aspects. The study of the Archetypes and Goddesses is deep, intriguing, and deliciously fun!

By exposing the body and brain to certain therapeutic sound frequencies our body and mind will be at the best balance and we will become stress free, eventually be at peace.

Even prayers are sound healers, when we pray our body receives the positive vibrations and after prayer, we experience peace in mind and heart.

Rituals provide meaning and make experiences memorable through celebrating, honoring and reflecting.

In our ever-changing and chaotic world rituals are an efficient way to relieve anxiety and provide structure. Even when they have no direct influence over the physical world, rituals provide a sense of control placing order over the chaos of everyday life. Some rituals celebrate new beginnings, some provide closure.

A ritual is a bridge between our inner and outer worlds, between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Successive and cumulative practice over time, rituals have the power to transform us.

“Her extensive knowledge, skills, and genuine enthusiasm to guide me on my journey made a huge impact in my life.”



bring a sense of belonging

remove us from the ordinary & place us in a sacred space

help access our authentic self

provide essential tools for co-creating our lives

Together we will develop simple daily rituals that are personally meaningful to you.