Group Coaching


Are you struggling with misunderstandings devouring valuable time, making you second guess/doubt yourself?

Are you feeling misunderstood?

Are people not aligning with your leadership & vision?

Is your voice not being heard?

Are others speaking over you?

Is your message not connecting with those you need to influence?

Are you struggling with feeling depleted, is your work/home life out of balance?

Are you living each day overwhelmed?

This 8 week sacred group immersion is for women who are ready to end their overwhelm, restore vitality, radiance, and unleash the power of their voice to become the unstoppable leader, who shines above all others, with courage, dynamism, and powerful influence.

By investing time in & connecting deeply within to explore your voice and removing the blocks & beliefs holding you back, you open up to true resonance with those around you, leaving them to wonder…

Move past self-hatred and self-attacking when things don’t go well into a space of assurance that everything is alright and that you are deeply loved.

Through our work together with sound and daily rituals, your nervous system and parasympathetic responses will return to the coveted ‘rest and digest’ phase.

Let’s change the thought patterns that keep you tied to the illusion of stress, and ground your being into the power of the present moment where only peace prevails.

Many coaches teach you how to strengthen your voice to succeed in the workplace, but fail to show you how to strengthen your inner voice, outer voice, and honor your authentic voice to help you build a fulfilling and nourishing life, the life of a Goddess.

In this online group coaching, Transformational Coach, Natascha Bach will take you through step-by-step on how to open and activate your throat chakra to open to the limitless possibilities available to you.

This is an online group coaching program for purpose- driven women who are ready to invest in taking time to do the deep work necessary to release their blocks and fears and replace those beliefs with healthier ones in order to heal resentments, toxic relationships, and issues holding them back.

In this group coaching you make space to create a divine story to live, a story that lights you up, reconnects you to your pleasure, and aligns to your soul’s purpose! In this divine sisterhood, we join together to rise up, to rise in vibration, to speak up and speak out from a deeply aligned place of love.

This program combines voice activations, energy healings, mindset tools, intuitive self love practices, and daily rituals and strategies to create a divine work/home life balance you’ll love.

Enrollment is now open!

Next 8-week Group Coaching begins June 30, 2024