Why work with me?


Will have 25 + years experience & a proven track record of success working with clients as a Voice Professional (Coach, Teacher, Singer, Performer)

Will have 15+ years of ThetaHealing® experience to assist you in moving past beliefs standing in the way of your success, instantly.

Will be able to channel bespoke healings for you through Sound, Movement, and Art.

Is a Certified VoiceCare Educator connecting the Body, Mind & Voice.

Is a Certified Reiki practitioner able to do distance healing to address health concerns.

Is a second-generation Crystal Healer sharing the wisdom and healing resonance of the earth.

Is devoted to utilizing prayer and promoting the Divine Feminine reconnection to our bodies, to Mother Earth, and to ALL OUR DIVINE SISTERS.

I want to show you how when we come into alignment within ourselves, we heal not only our individual self, but also our relationships with others, and our world.

“Working with Natascha was both empowering and liberating…Her extensive knowledge, skills, and genuine enthusiasm to guide me on my journey made a huge impact in my life.”


You really need this if –

You’re OVERwhelmed, OVERworked, OVERgiving, and DEPLETED

You've tried the trends but they didn't deliver what you needed

Maybe you’ve tried meditations, affirmations, read books, and subscribed to positive thinking podcasts and influencers but nothing you’ve learned so far seems to be making a sustainable impact/shift in your life yet.

...Or maybe you've been too exhausted to try that much at all

You just know something has to change, and soon! You are on edge all the time either fretting about something that happened or anxious about the future.

You don't know where to start

Should you take more time off work? Should you attend a retreat? Should you hire a life coach? You’ve heard all this talk about self-love and are unsure what more there is beyond regular massages, manis and pedis, treating yourself. You are curious about what everyone is talking about, but feel perplexed about what’s right for you.

Ready to get started now?