1:1 Private Coaching

Radiant Goddess


A 4-month sacred immersion to reconnect with your pleasure, reclaim your purpose, unleash the power and limitless potential of your voice to become an unstoppable leader/influencer, and ditch the pain and drama forever.

How would it feel to…

Release feeling like you’ve been constricted, and become a Visionary Queen who expands her empire delivering crystal-clear resonant messages and leads with grace and ease?

No longer feel depleted as you reclaim your divine femme leadership and create a deeply fulfilling work/life balance leaving you feeling rich, nourished, and supported on all levels?

Change the thought patterns that keep you tied to the illusion of stress, and ground your being into the power of the present where only peace prevails?

Heal and release the deep wounds that keep you stuck being a magnet for misunderstandings and shift into a woman who becomes a magnet for unlimited opportunities through the power of your voice?

No longer play small as you shift into a woman who owns her voice, power, presence, and shares her message and vision with the world—shame, guilt, and embarrassment FREE?

Ditch anxiety and self-sabotaging beliefs, and shift into a confident Queen who commands her work realm by speaking her truth and setting healthy boundaries—unapologetically?

Have women say “I want what SHE has” as you share your magnetic presence and life-changing message with them?

I teach compassionate embodiment practices to help you
reconnect to your pleasure, purpose, and power,
honor your path, balance & restore
an infinite Flow of Abundance & Ease in your life.

You may have tried meditation, yoga, affirmations, and self improvement books and podcasts but are feeling frustrated with why you aren’t seeing notable results in your life and relationships.

Perhaps you’re new to the self-improvement world, you’ve been head down laser focused on your business and career for a while and are feeling alone and stuck in the negative patterns that have emerged and are unsure where to begin..

You have so many gifts, talents and abilities, but maybe you’ve been attracting the wrong type of interactions with others and just feeling personally “out of sorts” lately, no matter the list of troubles, you are in the right place.

Together we’ll begin by exploring your stories and patterns. Then we will discuss ways to move beyond any limiting beliefs and patterns that may have emerged. With guided vocal work, breathwork, and movement, I am going to help you connect to your inner voice to hear and see what she has to say.

You will strengthen the voice you share and communicate with the world and develop the skills to ensure what you have to say comes from a place of love and will be resonant with your partner, your colleagues, your community, and the people you are leading. These embodiment practices are fun, pleasurable, intense, and illuminating.

Finally, together we will create and implement new practices, processes, and daily rituals to support you in the best way possible.

Why this program is head and shoulders above the rest

Many programs teach you “how to speak” but in Radiant Goddess Unleashed, we open your voice up on multiple levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This program is bespoke, specifically designed for you, addressing all the areas of your life that you have been neglecting.

You are held as a beloved sister, in a way you may have never felt so deeply seen, or heard before.

This is a safe place where ”all of you” is welcome – even the ugly and most hated parts.

You will receive new insight into yourself, and connect to the power of your voice to influence in ways you never thought possible!

What You Will Receive

90-minute Online Soul Sister Healing Sessions

To clear thoughts creating negativity and blocks in your life and to activate your inner confidence.

2-hour Online Goddess Enlightenment & Ritual Masterclasses, Sound Healings, & Voice Activations Sessions

To call in ease, pleasure, and playfulness into your life and to support you, sister, in rising up, speaking up, and opening up to the power of your beautiful voice that inspires & influences others.

Rich & Radiant Goddess Ritual Guidebook

To discover what lies beneath your current struggles & to assist you in building new Daily Rituals that support you & connect you deeply with your divine femme energy.

Months of daily PM/text support

(except Sundays)

Bonus 1

Goddess Unleashed Movement Masterclass Video

To clear toxic emotions and create divine inner peace & wellbeing.

Bonus 2

Inner Diva Voice & Zen Queen Breathwork Masterclass Video

To help align your inner vibrations to perfect harmony so you radiate confidence & to bring you the support you need in stressful times.

Bonus 3

Divine Feminine & BioSonic Repatterning Gifts

To invite in more pleasure, delight, and balance to your journey.

Pay-in-Full Bonuses:

Bespoke Diva Resonance Sound Therapy Meditations

Bespoke Diva Resonance Sound Therapy Meditations to address your specific health concerns/emotional concerns.

Value: $2000

Bespoke Crystal Grid

Bespoke Crystal Grid to activate your inner Goddess to speak your truth confidently and unapologetically

Value: $500

“Working with Natascha was both empowering and liberating. Our time together enabled me to raise my self-awareness, understand myself better, and access a deeper level of intuition that I didn't know existed. After each session, I felt renewed and even more connected to the divine feminine energy that runs through me. Natascha also introduced me to practical tools that I can implement on a daily basis to lead a more radiant and fulfilling life. Her extensive knowledge, skills, and genuine enthusiasm to guide me on my journey made a huge impact in my life.”


Are you ready to step into the power of your own…

Radical Growth

= more confidence, less apologetic


= live in the NOW, in the present moment


= speak, think, and act from a place of love


= more ease, joy, pleasure, and fun in your life

Let’s get started!