“My voice activation session with Natascha was super uplifting and inspiring. I could feel some untapped potential that would open up more with regular practice. She gave me some empowering tools I can use on an ongoing basis. I have done voice lessons in the past but working with someone who also has healing skills is such a deeper and more meaningful experience. She helps you feel safe wherever you are at. She has lots of healing tools and techniques and experience from being a classically trained singer, voice teacher and healing practitioner. The sound healing I received was really special and beautiful. I highly recommend it!”


“Wow! Working with Natascha was mind bending and so opening. The session was so powerful and cleared so many negative self beliefs and ideas. As we progressed through it, I felt so much leaving my body and felt more able to accept myself for who I am. Her intuitive, loving guidance and the information that came through was so accurate and potent! Since my session, many big things are shifting in my life and I feel more empowered and embodied and clear, so I can face these big things and still trust myself and know myself. I am so grateful for this amazing session and the gentle, strong healing.”


Working with Natascha was both empowering and liberating. Our time together enabled me to raise my self-awareness, understand myself better, and access a deeper level of intuition that I didn’t know existed. After each session, I felt renewed and even more connected to the divine feminine energy that runs through me. Natascha also introduced me to practical tools that I can implement on a daily basis to lead a more radiant and fulfilling life. Her extensive knowledge, skills, and genuine enthusiasm to guide me on my journey made a huge impact in my life.


“My experience with Natascha was amazing! I felt a combination of relaxation and being refreshed all at the same time! Natascha was so well prepared for my issues and made me feel I had a true partner in healing. Listening to her sing the magic of the tones was trancelike. I would recommend working with Natascha to anyone needing to be blessed in love.”


“Natascha gave me a safe place to be myself, let out emotions, and turn into a better person. Working with Natascha gave me my confidence back”


“I felt transformed every time I stepped into her studio. Through creating safe spaces for people to express emotion, she helps her clients accept their insecurities and find their strengths both in craft and life.”


“The time working with Natascha served as therapy that helped me work through the negative emotions that I had from unfortunate events in my early teen years. This work allowed me to stay more consistently positive.”


“Just had a voice activation session with Natascha and it helped me to open up so much…Natascha lovingly takes you through a session, training you how to do exercises on your own, answering any questions, and teaching you the technicalities of your voice and body systems…The sound healing helped bring things I needed to work on to the surface. I realized how much I missed singing and healing myself with sound…If you are looking for tools and a healer who is on the next level of healing – Natascha should be part of your journey. Book a session – you won’t regret it!”

– JEN P.

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