Let Energy Healing Restore Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

How do you feel about your voice?

What is the narrative you are carrying around about the sound of your voice?

You probably have a complex, vivid story about your voice — and how it operates as an instrument in your life. Many people do not like the sound of their voice or have limiting beliefs about their ability to sing.

Oftentimes, people shut down in this power center because they were told hurtful things, “be quiet”, “shut up”, “you can’t sing”, “you can’t carry a tune”, “maybe you should just lip sync”. Situations where others were frightened of your aliveness so they tried to dampen you down with put-downs, sarcasm, or cynical language.

Oftentimes, we internalize those harsh judgements. The hurtful comments are stored in your psyche and if we believe them, it can close down this part of ourselves, one of the ways we express ourselves. Then a person becomes self-critical turning the hurt inward on themselves, closing certain aspects of the voice off.

We give up the one thing we loved, that brought us joy and fun, or helped us feel connected to something higher, our SOURCE.



There is a gap between who should be ABLE to sing and who should watch and listen, a deep chasm between those who can or should and those who should not.



There is nothing to fix, nothing is wrong with your voice. Your voice is powerful, magnificent, and uniquely you! Our focus will be on alignment and resonance, making adjustments to accentuate your divine voice.

Opening the voice and throat chakra is a creative process of experiences and sensations. As a person masters quieting the inner critic, the vibrations created by the voice send the brain and vagus nerve a signal to enter the cherished “rest and digest” state of relaxation for the body.

Have the courage to TAKE the STEP and try it – don’t worry about it being great or perfect! The Voice Activation Rituals I have created provide a framework for greater confidence, poise, to speak confidently, be an effective communicator, share your inspiring message, lead knowing your message is being resonant with your audience.

Voice Activations Sessions are perfect for…


Personal Growth

A Full Expression of Your Authentic Self


How does voice activation work?

A Voice Activation Session connects body, mind, and voice in a compelling way to awaken or “activate” and strengthen this power center. Voice Activations assist in opening and balancing the energies in the throat chakra allowing us to have the greatest expression of ourselves.

The session consists of physical stretches, movement, and vocal exercises tailored to your specific needs and abilities.  You will be introduced to exercises which promote healthy vocal production, supportive breathwork, dynamic expression, and postural alignment.

How is it different from singing lessons?

Unlike singing lessons, a Voice Activation Session does not focus on proper singing technique, song repertoire, or learning to read music. A Voice Activation Session DOES include vocalizations which are exercises to connect the breath and voice in order to produce relaxed and resonant phonation. Focus is given primarily to developing a healthy, resonant, full, and confident voice regardless if you are speaking or singing.

*If you have an important speech, pitch, presentation, conversation you are preparing for we will incorporate that into the session, please plan and book early to allow ample time for preparation and developing mastery in advance.

**Song repertoire may be included into the session, upon request of the client.

Who Is This For?

Purpose-Driven Women

… who want to heal their relationships by speaking from an aligned place of love.


… who want to secure a promotion, land the pitch, and more effectively lead their team.


… who want to inspire, share their vision, lead and have people resonate with their message.


… who want to grow their business by being more visible and confident in sharing their work with the world.


… who want to communicate powerfully with their soul-aligned clients.

“My voice activation session with Natascha was super uplifting and inspiring… I have done voice lessons in the past but working with someone who also has healing skills is such a deeper and more meaningful experience. She helps you feel safe wherever you are at.”


Your voice is as unique as your DNA and your fingerprints, bringing forth your words — to liberate your soul’s intentions. The unique, healing qualities your voice carries are held in your energetic system (seven chakras) and connected to your soul.