Activate and strengthen your voice to inspire and lead

Observe. Connect. Resonate. Experience. Transform. Inspire.

Are you struggling with being overlooked at work?

Are people speaking over you in meetings/conversations?

Are you not being seen or recognized for your incredible gifts and ideas?

Are you feeling challenged and distracted obsessing about how to get your message across?

Are you skeptical that another voice coach can help?

No longer play small as you shift into a woman who owns her voice, power, and presence and shares her message and vision with the world—shame, guilt, and embarrassment FREE!

This is for you if you need to…

Increase your ability to close the deal or win the pitch

Be seen in a positive light

Speak your truth

Develop more confidence in speaking up & speaking out

Have people align with your leadership & vision

Stand out among others in your field

Influence and inspire others

Have others resonate with your message

Stay in demand

Be noticed and recognized for your ideas

Transform from meek and soft-spoken to a woman who is courageous and bold

Learn the foundational rituals to more powerfully lead and speak from a place of deeply nourished love, achieving milestones you never imagined with more aligned, delicious ease.

Many programs teach you HOW to speak to lead but Your RESONANT Voice Course opens your voice up on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual so your leadership message can truly resonate.

You receive new insight into yourself, and connect to the power of your voice to influence in a way you never thought possible.

This is a course designed to…

Connect you to your inner sources of strength and beauty

Reclaim your ability to radiate self confidence

Be more intentional to create the harmony you are seeking, and

Speak out without hesitation or second-guessing yourself

Fall in love with your voice again!

Your voice is a divine vehicle to transform and inspire.


is an online course.

Work at your own pace.

This voice course will have you

A more comprehensive, inclusive, and holistic approach to success in leadership is found in my 1:1 Private Coaching where you will:

Receive intensive voice training

Remove restrictive beliefs and thought patterns

Heal and release old stories holding you back

Balance & honor your divine feminine & masculine energies

Sound Therapy to soothe your body systems

Reconnect with earth and nature

Learn daily self care and self love rituals and practices

My unique blend of voice activations, rituals, meditations, personal transformation, and alternative healing content is designed for women seeking to not just enhance their physical, spiritual, and intellectual capabilities, but also to connect deeply within to their personal source of power and ecstasy.