So that you can be:

an impactful leader

an exceptional influencer of change

a stunning example of love

a confident woman who steps forward boldly and

You have…

You have innate talents and abilities to inspire & lead…you just need help tapping into your power.

You have a remarkable story & message to share…you just need a strong voice to share it.

Your influence is stronger and further reaching than you realize…you just need confidence to realize it.

You have the natural charisma and capacity to be influential and a visionary leader in your field…you just need the support to show it.

Come into deeper RESONANCE & see your message CONNECT DEEPLY!

Illuminating journeys begin here for purpose-driven women looking for radical growth, full presence, divine intent, and personal fulfillment.

Once I experienced my own illuminating journey to heal from negative patterns that emerged in my life due to unresolved childhood traumas, I claimed for myself FREEDOM, EASE, and greater ABUNDANCE!

I launched my business in service to purpose driven women and am building an extraordinary community to help women OWN their VOICE and RISE into RESONANT INFLUENCE.

Hi, I’m

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I lead purpose-driven women through sacred immersions to end overwhelm, restore vitality, radiance, and unleash the power of your voice to become an unstoppable leader, who shines above all others, with courage, dynamism, and celebrated influence.

My 1:1 transformational coaching weaves Voice activation work, ThetaHealing, Sound Healing, Reiki, and a deep dive into the Divine Feminine teachings to connect with your body, the earth, and your sisters. We work together on full expression of your authentic voice, inner voice, and outer voice. Nourishing self-care practices, movement, dance, and art practices support the transformation.

Women must lead now more than ever with deeply aligned

Stop stifling your voice.

Don’t wait for permission to speak.

Now is the time to share your message.